some tunes for you

Music is like a diary to me. Don't we all picture our lives as a movie from time to time, carefully choosing the soundtrack to emphasize every epic moment? I've been going through some changes, BIG changes. This week alone could potentially hold a career change and a relocation. Exciting, frightening, and a little melancholy all-in-one. Not sure exactly why but this song is one that I always come back to when life seems too big to handle. To me, it addresses the issue of growing up. The inevitability, the bittersweet feeling of trading youthful innocence and bliss for responsibilities but with more freedom, and the growing realization that there are two things we are guaranteed: death and taxes. I say all of this at the risk of sounding overtly macabre, but I feel the need to share my heart. I would be remiss to not make a point of saying that the darker parts of growing up are only a fraction of my thoughts right now and that excitement is at the forefront. Sometimes I feel so much older than I am and have to remind myself that I'm in the prime of my life and I need to have fun a little bit! But not too much fun. Anyone else here 21 going on 40? Ah, the early 20's. Gotta love 'em! The age of uncertainty. For as conflicted as I am, I can say with the utmost certainty that I wouldn't trade these times for anything. Now, if you thought that this post was sappy, just wait for the birthday post; just a little over a month away. (If you remember last year's at all...) 



  1. My favorite song by them is silvia, check it out if you haven't yet :)

    1. Whatchu know about Miike Snow girl, I practically invented that song. (Just kidding. It's super good and I love it. And you.)

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