my favorites: april

April was full of bipolar weather and new goals. I started my April with an announcement that I wanted to create and (hopefully!) print a magazine based on my blog. Read about it here, and if you're interested in contributing, here's my Kickstarter!

As the weather started changing, clothes started becoming "fun" to wear again. Here, here, and here are a few of my favorite outfits from last month!

I shared a lot of little snippets from my daily life last month. Girl Time, My Reading Nook, My Life in iPhone Pictures, an Honest Post, and My Makeup Bag were a few of my favorite subjects to share!

And FINALLY, I rediscovered my first love after a long winter break. I had a few photography sessions last month, check out Sam's Headshots, Deb's Portraits, and this beautiful Rainy Day Wedding.

Alright May, I'm ready for you!



  1. It's been another huge and exciting month for you. Can't wait to read the magazine. :)

  2. sounds like a busy month! I'm ready for May too... april was a busy and pretty trying month for me so I'm looking forward to a better month! Magazine idea sounds fab, can't wait to hear more details :)

    Hannah xx

  3. all of these are astonishingly beautiful, miss! i love how you edit your photos. the one with the floral crown & the purple flowers blooming behind -- absolutely breathtaking.

    this weekend i have my first shoot in a couple months (before wedding season kicks in) and i'm so, so excited and ready for it. my camera has been left wanting for a bit too long.

    1. Thank you so much!! Isn't it such a great feeling? Can't wait to check your shoot out, I love your stuff.

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