this week in instagrams

1. baking my new favorite meal, lentil "shepherd's pie" 2. the lovely Sherri DuPree Bemis at the TLA in Philly 3. springtime means pink toes showing from yellow shoes! 4. CJ, my handsome boyfriend. 5. avocado smoothies are my new favorite. (recipe to come!) they also happen to go along very well with my decor. 6. sleepy CJ takes a nap while I watch the UNC/Creighton game. 7. Chinatown in Philly. 8. Russian Winnie the Pooh, so adorable but also semi-frightening! 9. my bag of goodies to celebrate Spring (more on that soon!) 10. Brayden Schenn at Flyers practice 11. Sunset over the Ben Franklin Bridge into Philadelphia 12. Eisley at the TLA


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