Blue, Black, Pink

American Apparel, circle, skirt, pointed, loafers, street, style, pink, bolo, tie, punkI'm starting to really love the girl I lock eyes with every time I look into a mirror. She sings along to Kate Bush and Fugazi in the car. She can't whistle or snap but makes up for it by having a killer secret guacamole recipe. She's seen every episode of Six Feet Under at least twice and is endlessly bummed out that nobody seems to be as into it as she is. She's shy and extremely anxious but generally interested in one-on-one conversation. She doesn't like the taste of alcohol and is tired of pretending. She wears what she wants. She is getting stronger every day.

Philadelphia, fashion, blogger, Lebanese, Italian, grunge, punk,Philadelphia, fashion, blog, balayage, ombre, punk, grunge, bolo, denimOnce I stopped trying to fit myself into arbitrary molds and expectations, my life got a whole lot more enjoyable. I noticed that I was starting to become a ball of stress, which is behavior that leads to self destruction. I'd like to think of this time in my life as my Renaissance period. I'm not reinventing myself or my style, I'm just truly discovering who I am. Not figuring out who I dress like who who I talk like. Not the music I listen to or the books I read. I'm getting down to the core and everything else is falling into place.


top/ thrifted (similar), skirt/ American Apparel, jacket/ GAP, shoes/ F21, necklace/ F21, bag/ Michael Kors

*photos by Danielle Conyers. Follow her on Instagram! Also, follow along on Snapchat for outtakes and other weird nonsense: LARKANDLACE


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  2. I'm diggin' that awesome necklace from Forever 21. I just went there recently and scored a sweet little gold bolo necklace but I didn't even see this gem! Also, your hair is pretty much amazing! Love the dark and lighter ombre' look you've got.

    1. Thank you! I saw it online and knew that I had to have it haha :) I can take no credit for my hair-- this is the doing of my incredible stylist. ;)

  3. Okay, you are such a babe in these photos! Seriously, I'm diggin the whole vibe of this outfit - and you look freaking fantastic. And I don't like the taste of alcohol either, so cheers. Who even cares. #idrathereatcake


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