Band Tee + Stripes

Self, Defense, Family, tee, band, street, style, Philadelphia, fashion,
I can't think of anything less flattering for me than a crew neck tee but damn I love my band shirts. If I had to guess, I would say that they make up about 45% of my total wardrobe. What can I say? I love supporting the musicians who grace me with their beautiful, melodious presence.

xo, e.m.
tee/ Self Defense Family, skirt/ Life in Progress (similar), hat/ H&M, clutch/ DIY (similar), shoes/ Mtng
*photos by Danielle Conyers. Follow her on Instagram


  1. I love this look and especially your bad tee shirt. You hair is looking awesome too!

    1. Thank you! I feel like it's at that weird in-between phase but I don't want to cut it again because then it'll be too short to pull up when the weather gets super hot. ...I know, really "important" decisions ;)

  2. I always wear crew neck shirts. I don't like my neck being shown for some reason? Theres nothing wrong with it but there just something about it haha. This is the perfect summer look for all my crew necks!

    1. This comment reminded me of in The Office when Dwight was talking about what the dress code for women should be. Of course I couldn't find the video (probably THE ONLY Office clip that isn't on YouTube!) but he basically talks about how they should all wear high necks, muted colors, and long sleeves. Either Pam or Karen is like "nobody dresses like that" and then the camera pans to Angela. I hope I did it some justice.


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