Grapefruit & Ginger Cocktail

Love me some grapefruit. It's such a wonderful flavor, especially on these ridiculously hot days. (For real guys, it's been over 100 degrees here. Disgusting.) I whipped up this little hooch in the midst of desperation for something refreshing. It's composed of three of my favorites: ginger, grapefruit, and basil. It may not be the most patriotic beverage for Independence Day tomorrow but it'll sure help you beat the heat and it'll be a crowd-pleaser for sure.

What you'll need:
 - Gin
 - Ginger Liqueur (Domaine de Canton is delicious and look at that fancy-shmancy bottle!)
 - Grapefruit Italian Soda
 - Basil Leaves

Muddle basil leaves in the bottom of your glass, or, if you're making this for a group, a pitcher. One or two leaves for a single serving, five or six for a pitcher. Add one part gin and one part ginger liqueur to two parts grapefruit. If you want a little extra zing, a splash of ginger beer will go spectacularly. Serve over ice and sip through a fancy straw-- preferably not before doing anything firework-related. (But you already knew that.)

Stay cool and drink responsibly! Have a great holiday weekend.



  1. Yum! I'm not usually a gin person, but it sounds like it'd be so good with the grapefruit!


  2. Reminds me of a mint julep except for the color.

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